Friday, November 13, 2015

VIDEO: See the things I IMPORTED from Amazon after receiving AMAZON GIFT payment...

Importation is made easier now with the internet. You can now import from any part of the world and have it shipped to your doorstep all at the comfort your house. Yes without doing anything extra! No going to the bank not even to the courier office to pick the imported items. They bring the items to your doorstep. That is known as Mini Importation.

In the video below, I am unveiling the items I just got from Amazon is one of the biggest online shopping malls worldwide with variety of items.  My intentions are to show you the practicality of doing this thing(ONLINE MINI IMPORTATOIN). It is not rocket science. You too can do it if you are willing to learn it.

Another thing is the money I used to buy the items was paid(gifted) to me by the same Amazon! See what happened... I got paid by Amazon Associates  program via their own Amazon Gift, a form of payment that can only be spent on for purchases. So I decided to use the money to import the following items:

  1. Laptop Charger(Power Pack)
  2. A very beautiful bra for my wife
  3. Portable Projector
  4. Power bank and 
  5. Laptop Battery
In the embed video below, you will see how I unveiled them right in your eyes to see and believe! Now watch... Got any questions?
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