Monday, January 4, 2016

How I started blogging...

I have always loved to share a piece of my life with others in a bid to motivate, inspire or encourage people. Today I will share with you how I started blogging. I remember one afternoon I came to Rwang Pang street in Jos city. I studied in the university of Jos.
Great Josite! I am not sure of the date, but I think this must have been around 2007/2008/2009 or thereabout. I ran into a young man whom I can barely remember his name neither recollect his face.

IT Chat

We got chatting about IT... I am an IT Enthusiast you know. So we kept discussing IT related issues and he mentioned this jargon to me. I think he threw it as question and was like: Do I know about Blogging? Of course that was the first time I ever heard the term. So he continued to explain how it works. He said one needed to create an account with gmail and use it to open a free blogger account at

Next, he continued, one would create a blog. As simple as creating a mail account. Afterwards you can create posts on the blogger dashboard using menus somewhat like MS Word. Just type and edit, add images and publish. Having published a good number of posts, you can now apply for the Google AdSense proper.

How I applied for the Google AdSense account

Now that you have created a gmail account plus a blogger blog and published a good number of posts, it is time to visit to apply for an adsense account. Fill the required fields and submit. Then wait for Google to approve your application and hand you a brand new Google Adsense Account.

That was exactly what I did. But you know what? It didn't quite seem to be any significant thing then. I got the AdSense account that easily without exploiting its benefits for almost a year! Nowadays before you get an AdSense account, you need to work harder.

My first Blog

So my first blog was Later I created the second blog, among others.
That was how it all started. It is fun doing it. And it pays if you do it as a business.
How did you start blogging? Would you consider blogging having read my story? Kindly comment below.

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