Wednesday, June 8, 2016

APPLY FOR The Noel Buxton Trust £5,000 GRANT

You can now apply for the Noel Buxton Trust £5,000 Grant. Noel Buxton Trust has been giving out grants since 1919 to support the cause of the less privileged. The Noel Buxton Trust was established by Noel Edward Buxton (later the first Lord Noel Buxton) in 1919 to achieve social and economic progress in Britain and throughout the world. In Africa, the grant is in favour of projects  based in  Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Uganda, Sudan and South Sudan.

For over eighty years the Trust has supported organisations promoting social change and improvement. Recent grants have funded the Family Rights Group, the Community Chaplaincy Association's work with ex-prisoners, and Excellent, which works with subsistence communities in Africa to support sustainable development.

How to apply for funding

There is no application form.  If you wish to make an appeal please send a short letter (1-2 pages) outlining your case for funding. Please mention that you have read this website and show how your work fits into our guidelines.  The appeal should include your  charity registration number and the name of the organisation to which cheques should be made payable if different from that at the head of the appeal letter.  

Please also include :
a)  Budget for current and following year
b)  Details of funding already received, promised or applied for from other sources
c)  Latest annual report / accounts in the shortest available form.

Please send your appeal to:
The Administrator
The Noel Buxton Trust
PO Box 520
Fleet GU51 9GX.

Go to The Noel Buxton Trust website to see details.
I wish you God's favour!

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