Wednesday, November 20, 2019

How to Backup with iTunes using PC or Mac

Here you will learn how to Backup with iTunes using PC or Mac. To do so,  follow the steps below. 

Connect your iPhone 11 to your PC or Mac. On a PC or a Mac with macOS Mojave 10.14, open iTunes

Follow the onscreen instructions and type in your iPhone passcode.

Locate your device on your PC and if your device doesn’t show on your computer, get Help

If you want to store Health and Activity information from your device, you need to encrypt your backup by selecting the box labeled Encrypt (device) backup and create an easily remembered password. If you don’t need to save information on your Health and Activity, you can create a backup that is not encrypted. Just tap Backup Now.

Make sure you write down your password and store it somewhere secure because there’s no way to recover lost iTunes backups without this password

When the process is completed, you can check if the backup finished successfully.

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