Monday, November 18, 2019

How to customize your iPhone 11

 How to Select/Alter Language

Open Settings and tap General. Select Language and Region, tap Device Language and Select your language from the List.

How to Access the Notification Bar

To navigate to the notification bar on your iPhone 11, simply swipe down from the top of the screen.

How to Navigate to Control Center

You can access the Control Center on your iPhone 11 by swiping from the right corner of the screen to the center. The Control Center screen appears.

How to Change the Control Center Setting

To customize the control center on iPhone 11, open Settings then select Control Center. You can activate or deactivate the ability to access the Control Center within apps by turning that switch on or off. Next, click on the entry to Customize Controls.

How to Utilize the Control Center

Each control in the Control Center has its specific function. To turn a control on, tap it once and tap it again to turn it off. When you press down on a control (e.g. the icon for AirDrop, Wi-Fi or Airplane Mode), the entire section becomes larger so you can easily see more and control any of its options.

How to Select Settings for the Control Center

To choose Settings for the Control Center, go to Settings and Click on Control Center to enable or disable it. You can also add more any optional controls you’d want to be in Control Center.

How to Get Connected to Linked Bluetooth Devices from Control Center

To Connect to paired Bluetooth Devices, press down on the group of icons for Connectivity to make it larger and tap the icon for Bluetooth. You can now easily connect to a specific Bluetooth device by selecting it.

Here’s How to Connect to Wi-Fi from the Control Center

Once more, hold down the group of icons for Connectivity to expand it and press down the icon for Wi-Fi. A list of nearby wireless network pops up. Next, tap the network you want to join.

How to Make Use of Cycle Tracking Feature in Health

To begin tracking your monthly cycle, you’ll need to add just a few details to the Health app.

Launch the Health app on your iPhone 11

Tap the Browse tab

Select Cycle Tracking

Click on Options just above the Cycle Log

Scroll down and select Period Length and enter the data of your period length

Next, Tap Cycle Length and enter the amount of time, on average, you usually have between menstruation.

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