Saturday, November 9, 2019

How to set up iPhone 11

In this post,  I am going to teach you how to set up your iPhone 11 in different ways. There are three ways to set up your iPhone 11:

Set up as new: Means starting everything from scratch. This is for people who have never used online services before or want their iPhone 11 to feel truly new.

Restore from a previous iPhone: This can be done online with iCloud or over USB with iTunes. This is for users who have had a previous iOS device and are moving to an iPhone 11.

Import from Android, Blackberry, or Windows Phone: Apple has an App in Google Play to make this process easier but online services let you move a lot of data over from any old device to your iPhone 11.

Step by Step Guide to setting up the iPhone 11

The first time you turn on your new iPhone 11 for the first time, you’ll be greeted with “Hello” in a variety of languages.

Tap slide to set up and slide your finger across the screen to begin

Select your language

Select your country or region

Select a wi-fi network. If you are not within a wi-fi network range, you can set this up later. Select Cellular instead.

After this, you can choose to enable Automatic Setup to set up your new iPhone with the same passcode and settings as another iPhone. If you choose to go the Manual route, continue the following steps:

Tap Continue after reading through Apple’s Data & Privacy information.

Select Enable Location Services. If you don’t want location services enabled at this time, select Skip Location Services. You can also activate certain location services manually, like maps.

Set up Face ID.

Create a Passcode. You can set up a standard six-digit passcode or custom passcode by selecting Passcode Options.

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