Sunday, November 3, 2019

Unboxing the iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 comes in different colors including mint green, purple, and yellow, black amongst others. It is priced at $699 for the 64 GB model, $749 for the 128 GB model and $849 for the 256 GB model.

The box matches according to the color of iPhone you’ve got, so if the picture on the front is purple, you’ve definitely got a purple iPhone 11. The box isn’t as tight fitting as it was in other versions of the iPhone so you can easily take the cover off. 

After unboxing the phone, you’ll realize that the phone itself has a plastic on the front but not on the back. The top cover of the box itself was cut in a way to match the camera bump and the camera looks really good.

The back of the phone has a glossy glass finish but the camera is not glossy and instead has a matte finish that’s really cool. In the box you’ll find a Hello Guide, a Sim Card Removal Tool, a little warranty card with Apple stickers, a 5 watt charger, some Wired ear pods that have the lightning cable on them and a lightning to USB cable. On holding and inspection, the phone feels very much like the iPhone XR.

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