Thursday, November 28, 2019

How to use Safari on iPhone 11

 Here’s How to Auto Close Current Tabs in Safari

Open the Settings app.

Search for or scroll down to Safari.

Find Tabs and choose Close Tabs.

The default setting is manual so select the period of time you’d want your tabs to close automatically.

How to Use Website Settings for Safari

Go to a site you frequently visit and tap the “aA” icon in the top left corner of the screen to be shown the Website View menu. Click on Website Settings.

How to Change when the Downloaded File List in Safari is cleared

Open the Settings app and scroll down and tap Safari. Click on Downloads. Next select Remove Download List Items. Choose After one day (the default setting) upon successful download, or manually.

How to Control Ad Tracking

Launch the Settings app.

Click on Privacy.

Tap Location Services.

Tap System Services at the bottom of the page.

Toggle the switch next to Location-Based iAds off to disable it or toggle the switch on to enable it.

How to Use Safari Download Manager

Open Safari Browser and tap on a link to a file. Click on Download when the dialog pops up. The file will be saved in a new Downloads folder at the bottom of your iCloud Drive.

How to Modify the Safari Downloads Folder

To change the Safari downloads folder, open the Settings app and click on Safari in the left column. Then tap Downloads and choose the preferred download location.

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